Can I Purchase Stamps At Staples Stores?

In all likelihood, you live pretty near to a Staples store. And, you probably frequent the store on a regular basis. This is not a coincidence. Staples sells a wide variety of items that consumers need and use on a regular basis. This includes many office supplies and other items. Another good thing is that Staples frequently sells postage stamps in single and book forms.

Before venturing to your local Staples, it is pertinent to take the time to weigh your parcel. Make sure you buy enough stamps to ensure the item will arrive at its destination in time. Finding a Staples store near me is always easy. I can always visit the company’s website and use their store locator.

This allows me to find a nearby Staples store no matter where I am. Staples has been in business for around 30 years and they’ve always sold office supplies and equipment. Simultaneously, the store offers various business and technology services. For instance, they offer printing and faxing.

The History of Staples Stamps

Can I Buy Stamps At Staples?

The history of Staples is very unique. In fact, the uprising of Staples started with a broken typewriter ribbon. In 1985, Tom Stemberg was working on a business proposal. It was the 4th of July weekend and Tom’s typewriter ribbon broke out of the blue.

Unfortunately, he found himself in a precarious situation, since all local stores were closed for the patriotic holiday. After becoming frustrated, Mr. Stemberg realized that there was a need for more office supply stores.

After 10 months, Tom opened his first Staples store. It was opened on the first day of May 1986. The store was opened in Brighton, Massachusetts. The decision was definitely a wise one. Today, there is a Staples nearby for almost every American.

Staples Store Locations

Since 1986, Staples have developed into a massive, multinational corporation with a sizeable revenue. The company now operates more than three thousand stores in twenty-six countries.

While the majority of their locations can be found in the United States, the company also has retail stores in Germany, the United Kingdom, China, India, Italy, France, and even Brazil.

The company has also created separate subsidiaries for each of its foreign businesses. For instance, Staples Canada primarily serves Canadian territories. The Staples Office Center operates in the Netherlands.

Staple stores can truly be found almost anywhere in the world.

Why Should You Shop At Staples?

Staples is truly a one-of-a-kind store. The firm specializes in office supplies and equipment. Anytime I need to purchase supplies for work, I head to Staples.

You can always rely on Staples to have everything you need for the office, including paper, printers, ink, and everything in between. Also, the company offers many services in its stores.

They can fax and print items for you for a small fee. The company’s goods are sold in its stores, through its website, and even through a mobile app.

The Staples Advantage program is yet another reason to visit a local Staples store. This program is specifically designed for businesses that need to replenish their office supplies on a regular basis.

Members of the Business Advantage Program receive the lowest prices and a wealth of other great benefits. With so many locations across the world, finding a Staples store couldn’t be easier. This is one of the main reasons that millions of consumers enter and shop at Staples stores on a daily basis.

Can I Buy Stamps At Staples in 2023?

The answer is yes. The mass majority of Staples stores in the United States and abroad now sell stamps. To make sure your trip is worth your while, you should call ahead. This will help to confirm that your local Staples store does indeed offer stamps.

Customers Are Staples’ Top Priority

Staples has really proven itself over the years. In the beginning, the retail chain was small. Today, it has expanded into a multinational company that services millions of consumers each day.

When I need to purchase office supplies, I never hesitate to visit Staples. The company’s primary goal is to provide the customer with a great experience and that is what I always receive.

Does Staples Carry Postage Stamps?

Again, the answer would be yes! Almost all Staple stores in America sell US postage stamps. Just speak with a cashier upon entry and they’ll provide you with what you need. Find a Staple Store near you using the Store locator above.