History of Postage Stamps (Who created postage stamps?)

In the olden days people relied on letters to provide them with information about their relatives. It was the only form of communication for a very long time. In fact, until the invention of the phone, people were accustomed to communication through letters, even though the delivery time oftentimes took days or weeks.

Today, younger people do not even know how to address an envelope or where the stamp is supposed to go. However, older people are very familiar with letters and continue to rely on them to converse with other, because it provides more reliability and privacy than any other communication method.

History Of Postage Stamps

Finding where to buy a stamp is as easy as performing a quick search inquiry. In today’s world, you can purchase postage stamps just about anywhere from a supermarket to a financial institution.

Postage stamps have changed over the years. Before you had to moisten the back of the stamp to get it to stick to the envelope. Today, the back of the stamp consists of a sticky layer that attaches directly to the envelope without the need of moisture. This offers more convenience and prevents consumers from needing to activate the sticky residue on the back of the stamp with the moisture from their tongue.

When searching for places to buy postage stamps on the Internet, you will need to input specific keywords into the search browser. For example, you can input your city followed by where to buy a stamp in the search browser. The results page will include a wide array of different types of businesses, including pharmacies, gas stations, office suppliers, retail stores, online retailers, supermarkets and banks, along with mailing and delivery service providers.

Different Types Of Stamps

There are a several different types of stamps available, including definitive, commemorative and special. Postage stamps are also available in a single, sheet, coil or booklet. Most people tend to purchase a sheet of stamps, so they will have them on-hand just in case they ever need them. This will prevent them from needing to return to the post office more than necessary.

Definitive stamps are an inch square and the most common type utilized on small packages and small, medium and large envelopes. Commemorative stamps are designed to honor special events and important people like Marilyn Monroe, Martin Luther King, Jr. and George Washington. Special stamps are utilized to honor holidays, such as Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Valentine’s Day, Independence Day and President’s Day.

A History of Postage Stamps (Video)