Does CVS Sell Stamps Near Me?

Whether or not you know it, CVS pharmacies throughout the country sell stamps to the public. Consumers can opt to purchase stamps in singles or book form. Before purchasing stamps, it is generally a good idea to weigh the envelope to ensure you get the price number needed for the parcel to reach its destination. When picking up medicine or shopping for certain grocery items, I find myself shopping at the closest CVS near me. Today, CVS is a name that is known and trusted throughout the country. In fact, it is the largest pharmacy chain in the United States.

With nearly 10,000 stores throughout the United States, CVS is a powerhouse in terms of revenue and its popularity remains just as high as ever.

A Brief History of CVS

Does CVS Sell Stamps

The history of CVS is a fairly interesting one. The company’s code letters, CVS, actually stand for “Consumer Value Store”. During their tenure, CVS has undeniably obtained and deserved that title. The pharmacy chain was founded in Lowell, Massachusetts in 1963. At the time, the company operated under the holding company, Melville Corporation. In 1996, CVS has spun off. It became its own holding company and began operating under the parent corporation CVS Health.

CVS Pharmacy continues to operate under the CVS Health umbrella today. The headquarters for the pharmacy giant is located in Woonsocket, Rhode Island. And of course, CVS has grown and evolved substantially over the years. CVS Pharmacy is just one of the many subsidiaries operating under CVS Health. Others include CVS Specialty, Minute Clinic, and CVS Caremark.

CVS locations are conveniently located throughout the United States. Finding a CVS near me is generally quick and easy.

CVS Services For Consumers

Everyone realizes that CVS is a pharmacy. Nevertheless, the company is truly so much more. Today, CVS offers an assortment of goods within their retail stores. For instance, consumers visiting their nearest CVS will be able to purchase cosmetics, groceries, greeting cards, and even over-the-counter medicine. Truly, when visiting your local CVS, you’ll be able to purchase almost anything imaginable.

Simultaneously, CVS now offer healthcare services. Certain services are offers through the company’s Diabetes Care Centers and their MinuteClinic facilities. In total, the company operates at least 800 MinuteClinic locations throughout the United States.

Finally, CVS also offers film and photo development. The mass majority of the items found in CVS stores can also be purchased directly through their website,

Buying Stamps at CVS

When looking at the bigger pictures, you will quickly discover that CVS is truly a jack of all trades. It has a little bit of everything and this includes stamps. CVS stores throughout the country sell stamps. In order to access these items, the consumer will often need to speak with the cashier directly. Just head to the customer service department and speak with the individual in charge. Simultaneously, you may want to consider phoning ahead or contacting the firm through their website in advance.

Why Shop At CVS Stores?

I have found that there are plenty of good reasons to shop at CVS stores. In fact, when compared to many other pharmacies, CVS tends to outshine them all. First and foremost, the company is a dominant force in the pharmacy industry. Today, the company serves around five million consumers on a daily basis in the country. Over 30,000 certified pharmacists have jobs thanks to the company.

MinuteClinic and CVS Health have teamed up with many healthcare providers to bring the best services to consumers across America. CVS Health now have specialty pharmacies that provide unique drug therapies. The pharmacy chain has removed tobacco products from their shelves. Truly, CVS makes it easy for me to choose them. Their stores are conveniently located all around the United States, so I can always find one right around the corner.

Also, the stores sell almost everything I need. Why wouldn’t I shop at a CVS store?

Does CVS Sell Stamps? CVS near me

If you’re in need of stamps, you should look no further than CVS. Just visit the company’s website and utilize the CVS store locator. Again, it is generally a good idea to email or call ahead to ensure that the company does indeed still sell stamps. You can also make use of the map above to find a CVS Pharmacy store near you.