Does 7-11 Sell Stamps? Locating 7 Eleven Stores Near me

7-11 has, without a doubt, become a staple for convenience stores all throughout the world. When most people think about a convenient store, the first one that pops into their head is the 7-11.With their excellent customer service and wide selection of items, it truly is easy to understand why so many customers take advantage of the services offered by this convenience store chain. When you combine this with their convenient hours and seven-day availability, you truly have a one-stop shop that will satisfy all your needs. However, what you might not know is that you can also purchase postage stamps at almost any 7-11 market. Below, you will learn more about buying stamps at 7-11 and why you should purchase your stamps from 7-11.

The History Of 7-11

Does 7-11 Sell Stamps

What you might not know about 7-11 is that its origins can be traced all the way back to 1920s. In fact, the store came back because several icehouse companies merged to form the Southland Ice Company. At first these companies individually sold ice for food preservation purposes, but after they merged, they added food items to their menu. The very first stores were actually called Totem Stores, because the owner installed Native American Totem poles in front of the stores to attract extra attention.

The company was around during The Great Depression, but it did have to file for bankruptcy during the rough times. However, it did emerge through the rough times and started focusing heavily on foods and drinks with major success. Now, there are more than 60,000 stores located the Northern American and Asian regions. Each store is typically the size of a small outlet mall and carries a variety of food and drink items.

What Types Of Stamps Does 7-11 Sell?

Along with providing a variety of different food and drink products, 7-11 also offers a variety of stamps. 7-11 stores offer individual stamps, booklets, and even rolls of stamps. If you literally want to purchase just one stamp, you can do so. If you want to buy 200 stamps, you can do so. Whatever you are looking for when it comes to stamps, you won’t have a problem finding it at 7-11. In addition to this, there are no extra charges for purchasing stamps at these convenience stores, so you will pay the same price that you would pay at the bank or post office.

You can also buy anything from first class stamps, to forever stamps, and even regular postage stamps. No matter what your goal is, you can pretty much guarantee that 7-11 will be able to accommodate your needs.

Does 7-Eleven Sell Stamps 2017 (Not All 7-11 Stores)

Before heading to your local 7-11 store, you should realize that not all stores are equal. In some cases, some local stores will sell stamps, but others will not. With that being said, you need to find out which stores in your area sell stamps, before rushing out of the door. If you do not, you might end up wasting your time. The easiest way to find out which local 7-11 stores sell stamps is by picking up the phone and contacting them directly. You may be able to find this information by visiting the company’s website and checking out their store directory there.

Most 7-Evelen convenience stores will sell stamps, but you should make sure ahead of time. You do not want to make the trip, unless you’re positive.

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The Benefits Of Buying Stamps At Seven Eleven

When it comes down to it, there are tons of stores that sell USPS stamps. Nevertheless, it is often best to purchase your stamps from the local convenient locations. This is why many consumers prefer shopping with 7-11. Why should you choose 7 eleven over the alternatives? Well, most Americans live pretty close to a 7-11 store. In fact, you probably pass by one of these convenience stores when you head to school or work. And, you probably have another reason to shop here as well. Perhaps you’re in need of a good snack, a drink or some gas?

Inside 7-11 Store in Florida (Video)

If you’re going to be stopping at the local 7-11 store, you might as well pick up a few stamps as well. While 7 Eleven are primarily considered gas stations, they also sell a wealth of other items. Therefore, you have plenty of good reasons to stop by your local store today. Click Here to locate a 7 Eleven store near you.

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